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I received an email the other day informing me that an old friend had unexpectedly died. Her housecleaners found her, she lived alone and died alone. She loved her kids and grandkids though, so she was not alone in the world. Her son was the one who informed me, a kindness on his part. He’s a good man. Connie, was, well, a character. That’s a euphemism for “she could be difficult.” A trait I share, so our friendship was not without its ups and downs.

I knew her for over twenty years, she started out as a client, and I did work on and off for her through the years. She liked redecorating her house. Remodelling more accurately. It never ended, it was a process without a goal. A lot of eccentricity involved. Like the Winchester Mystery House on a smaller budget. She once had me cut holes in various exterior walls to look at the view, so she could decide where she wanted to move windows too. Most people rearrange furniture, Connie rearranged walls, windows, and everything in between. Some of the things she did would have horrified those with more refined or preservationist tendencies, but hey, it was her house.

She was generous to a fault. And a serial pet adopter. She’d adopt a pet, decide it didn’t suit her, and return it. She donated generously to the various adoption agencies though, so, all good. And when she did get a pet she liked, she loved it fiercely. She had bad luck though, her last three cats all died prematurely. I can’t even remember the name of her last cat, tragically hit by a car. He was a black cat, Midnight maybe? He was why I chose the image above, if there’s another side, he was waiting for her.

I was pretty upset to get the news of her death. I’ve lost so many friends and family in the last few years one might think I would be numb to another death. Nope, not even close, tears in my eyes as I type this. I went out to watch a sunset Connie would never see. A good way to say goodbye to an old friend. A lot of beer was involved, floating the dead to the hereafter on a sea of alcohol is a tradition in my family. Lots of feelz. Feelings are what lets us know we are still alive inside. And I’ve always thought as long as loved ones remember them, people never truly die. I’ll miss you Connie, I imagine you now telling God how to remodel heaven to your liking. Forever.


Moving right along, yeah, I am pretty atheistic, I suspect there is no hereafter. Still, to paraphrase Mark Twain, I was dead a long time before I was born, and I don’t recall it ever bothered me any. I’ll find out someday. Dying is the one thing in life that everyone gets right sooner or later. No hurry though. I’m down thirty pounds now, my doctor says it will definitely improve my odds of reaching seventy. I still have a lot of blog posts in me.

Things are actually a bit slow on the writing front as the endless effort to monetize Doug’s Darkworld grinds slowly forward. I have obtained expert help, but it’s still a slog. Millions of damn readers and still not seeing a dime. Money isn’t why I write, but still, a little would go a long way. If I ever do manage to get ads working for me, I have big plans.

Until then, I plan to relax this weekend. I hope my readers do the same.

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(Image: Tree, landscape, sunset, lake,sky. Credit: From Pixabay, free for commercial use, no attribution required.)

Written by unitedcats

November 15, 2019 at 4:34 am

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  1. I just signed up to become a patron, Doug. I’ve been a reader for years :)

    Lori P

    November 15, 2019 at 6:55 am

  2. So this one and the other fellow make for two losses in one weekend. I’m sorry, Doug. That’s a double whammy.


    November 17, 2019 at 5:57 pm

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