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No winner yet. Definitely trending towards Biden, he’s certainly doing better than Clinton did in 2016. Likely it will be settled tonight, in which case I’ll add that later.

The big problem is that Trump, Fox News, and Trump supporters at this point are absolutely convinced that the Democrats cheated wildly and if Biden wins, the election was stolen. Trump has already filed a flurry of lawsuits alleging this, that, and the other thing. So far the evidence of any voter fraud is non-existent, but it’s modern America, evidence, schmevidence. Non Trumpers have to understand that Trump only speaks the truth as far as Trumpers are concerned, if Trump said it, it must be true.

And an example from the same. A friend’s Trump supporting relative posted this on Facebook, reposted with permission. It’s in bold, my comments are in italics:

Ok all you Biden supporters. If he gets elected…Whatever comes next is on YOU. You HATED Trump so much that you sacrificed America?

That’s a ‘does not follow’ argument if I ever heard one. Not sure how exercising one’s right to participate in an election is ‘sacrificing America,’ but we’ll just go on and see where this is going …

Biden plans to make a vaccine mandatory! It won’t matter if you don’t want it, you WILL get it or go to jail.

The president can’t make a vaccine mandatory, and in any event no, Biden hasn’t said anything about mandatory vaccines. So, basically this is a lie.

Our gas is guaranteed to be over $4 a gallon. All YOUR fault. So when you are out of gas on the side of the road, call ole Joe to bring you some.

Again, what? The president has little control over the price of gas, and since the market is glutted with no end in sight, there’s zero reason to think gas prices will spiral upwards. This is ignorant fear mongering basically.

He supports murdering babies up to FULL TERM in the name of convenience.

So that 26 week preemie that is now 21 could have been aborted!!! That baby that was born today could have been aborted yesterday!! MURDER!

I presume the writer supports sex education, family planning, and birth control on demand, the only things that prevent abortions? Snort. And once again, the president has little power to do anything about abortion.

He plans to take away ALL gun rights! We will have no way to protect ourselves.

No one has proposed any federal gun control in decades, so again, ignorant fear mongering. And DC vs Heller confirmed the individual right to bear arms, so it’s not like Biden could take away guns even if he wanted to, which he doesn’t.

He plans to defund the police. Meaning the police WILL NOT be able to come to your side when you need them. And I assure you that YOU will be needing to dial 911 cause we will have a civil war! Crime will run rampant.

Since Biden has repeatedly and explicitly said he will not defund the police, this one is a lie. And in any event, the freaking president has no control over how local jurisdictions police themselves, so it’s another ignorant lie.

Biden will do away with Bonding companies. So if you go to jail, you will not have the luxury of calling a bondsman. You will sit until you have money to get out.

While Biden has called for reform of the bail system, again, it’s not something the president has power over on a state  and local level.  And Biden’s call for bail reform doesn’t include locking accused criminals up, which we don’t have the prison capacity for anyhow. It’s Trump who calls for locking people up, not Biden.

Biden voters, do you realize this is the America you chose. This is what YOU voted for and how you chose to allow our wonderful country to become a socialist country.

That Biden is going to usher in a socialist America is so divorced from reality that one must doubt the sanity of anyone espousing it. It would be as ridiculous as claiming Biden is a secret Muslim who wasn’t really born in America.

I hope y’all are prepared for what will happen if he does win. But sadly the majority of you don’t even know any of this because you only voted for him over your hatred for Trump.

No, most Biden voters don’t “know” any of this because they don’t watch Fox News, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and the other right wing “news” sources peddling these lies. What they do know is that by almost any metric Trump hasn’t been a particularly good president, and by the ‘fighting Covid-19’ metric, Trump’s been a disaster. That Trump and his supporters spread nonsense like the above instead of running on his accomplishments pretty much speaks for itself.

Well, at least the writer of this screed is sincere and inspired to make themselves heard. But really, how can one even have a discussion with someone whose understanding of the facts is at such variance with, well, reality? It wasn’t always this way, in the early 90s I engaged in spirited debate with conservatives about many things, and the war in Iraq in particular. Haven’t debated a conservative in a dog’s age, they don’t even comment on my blog anymore.

It’s not that there’s necessarily going to be a Civil War, but Trump and his followers, at least the ones who believe the above, have already seceded from the Union. The world this person lives in isn’t America. And I loathe Biden, he’s one of the founders of the modern American state, which is a mess because both parties sold out to corporate America decades ago. Trumpian alternate reality partisanship goes beyond politics though.

I can’t think of another way to put it, this screed is a religious polemic, it’s not debate. The country is already torn in two, this election pretty much put the nail in that coffin. I guess at this point, you know what, let’s split the country in two. Partition it so to speak. Or more than two countries. I’ll make a map. I’ve said for decades that balkanization was inevitable for America, maybe we’re here.

So the election hasn’t been called yet, Thursday November 5. Trump is claiming he won and proceeding accordingly. Wild claims from the Trump supporters, but only minor weirdness yet: Nevada man interrupts press conference, claiming Biden is trying to steal the election. Calm before the storm? IDK. Crazy times. This made me laugh and good night:

#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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(Image: From the movie Groundhog Day. Used without permission, but since I’ve promoted this wonderful movie tirelessly, I hope I can be forgiven. Image 2: Attribution in the image, found on Facebook. Both images are claimed as Fair Use under US copyright law.)


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November 5, 2020 at 7:52 pm

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