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In other words: “The fire’s under control, it just looks bad because we installed all sorts of smoke detectors, if we hadn’t done that things would look great.”

It’s not reported because that’s not how it works Mr. Trump. His quote is like saying: ‘We’re making so many rifles, more rifles than any other country, we’re winning the war!’ No Mr Trump, it’s not how many rifles we make, it’s how they are  used. Having a lot of tests is useless if one isn’t using the tests to isolate infected people and track down and isolate the people they infected. And in that respect, the US is failing miserably. And no as well, on a per capita basis, our testing is lower than some other countries. And we’re not doing well fighting Covid-19, other countries are shutting Covid-19 down and cautiously reopening their economies. And lastly the 1/100th thing is so stupid it’s beyond my comprehesion.

So I’m still in shock here. What a fascinating time and place to be alive! Mass insanity! The Children’s Crusade? The Tulip Mania? <cue: hysterical laughter.> Future historians, not to mention most of the rest of the contemporary globe, will be challenged to explain how this happened. How did the USA, self supposedly the greatest nation on Earth, become the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Actually, we know how it happened. This isn’t complicated for the Trump supporters who are still reading. If one’s car breaks, one calls a mechanic. If one’s roof leaks, one calls a roofer. If one’s pipes are clogged, one calls a plumber. Right? This isn’t rocket science. By the same token, if one is facing a pandemic, one calls the pandemic experts. There’s no politics here, no religion; it’s just civilization, we have a complex society and expert knowledge is what keeps it running. There’s no room for reasonable debate here, one has a problem, one consults the people who have spent their lives and careers dealing with the problem. Right? Right?

Trump did not do this. He fired the pandemic experts on the White House staff years ago, and when the pandemic struck, he ignored the plan the pandemic experts had put together. The result has been exactly as the pandemic experts predicted, Covid-19 is exploding out of control in the US. In every other developed country (and plenty of undeveloped ones) Covid-19 has been shut down and they are slowly reopening their economies. And making sure to keep plague carrying Americans out. OMFG.

I just. I just keep having to rewrite this end of the world post because to my continuing shock and horror, maybe 2/3rds of Americans still aren’t getting it. Trump and company are still using tortured motivated reasoning to pretend everything is OK, we’re winning the fight, and everything will be fine in a few months. And if that’s the people one hangs out with and the “news” one watches, I guess it’s understandable. Sort of. One wonders how they will fare as the situation worsens, but hey, most people in North Korea think things are worse off in “American occupied” South Korea.

The other third who are not getting it  though, not Trumpers. Just normal folks who haven’t yet accepted that things have changed. A horrible new plague is spreading throughout the world. I guess it’s human nature to live in the world we create in our mind, normally that’s a good thing. “The map is not the territory” though. When reality updates, and Covid-19 is a reality update, time to change one’s internal map of the world. Harder to do for some than others. One freind for example, hates Trump, watches anti-Trump media constantly … has made essentially zero changes in his life plan due to Covid-19. Another friend is sure we’ll “muddle through.”

The problem with the former is that if things get really bad, which they could well, he’s going to be utterly unprepared. And the problem with the “muddling through” idea is that states that try to “muddle through” national disasters don’t. We don’t need muddling, we need effective national leadership. That’s not happening with Trump, his muddling has made the USA the world’s epicenter of Covid-19. More muddling is bad, not good. It’s magical thinking.

As an aside, Covid-19 has driven some people off the deep end. IE they have been completely consumed by Covid-19 Truther and conspiracy theories. A few Facebook friends. One irl friend. Last time I saw this sort of thing was 9/11, that unhinged a few people. When great tragedies happen, some people snap. A human interest offering, and further evidence that yes indeedy, Covid-19 is a big deal.

So yes, in short, I think I’m witnessing one of the greatest ongoing failures of national leadership ever in the face of a global disaster. Convince me otherwise. Hint: Tweets like the above are the opposite of convincing. So I’ve decided all in all it’s a sign. My kin have mostly deserted me, the world I knew is coming to an end, and to top it all off, it’s a freaking medical mystery why I’m even still alive. What does it mean?

It means it’s time to finish my damn book. If I can spend months planting onions and stacking cans of beans, I can spend the same furnishing my book. Or finishing it as the case may be. Now or never, since my odds of surviving Covid-19 are about 50-50 I figure. So my blog posts might drop in frequency, I dunno. I’ll do my best.

Reality is so weird now I sometimes seriously wonder if I did die some time back, and the whole Trumpian Covid-19 nightmare is a dark fantasy generated by my dying brain in its last moments. Sadly for my readers, I don’t think so. Stay safe and stay sanish everyone. Wear your damn masks. #StaytheFHome

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(Image: Presidential tweets are an official channel of the US government, and thus Public Domain.)

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July 9, 2020 at 8:34 pm


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Written yesterday:

So yeah, Trump’s gonna give a Fourth of July speech at Mount Rushmore tonight. The nation is in the midst of a massive resurgence of Covid-19 cases, Fourth of July celebrations have been cancelled everywhere … and Trump’s holding a campaign rally with no mask or social distancing requirements. At a controversial location considering the current conflict over certain public statues and such. The land was basically stolen from the Sioux, and Mount Rushmore carved over their objections. 

As far as Mount Rushmore goes, give it to the Sioux and let them do with it what they will. The image above is what it looked like before it was carved up. In a more general sense, a lot of statutes and such are being toppled. Some people are upset. My take on this, what exactly are they upset about? Tearing down these monuments to criminals affects people’s lives in no discernable way. They can be moved to obscure locations where people who want to revere American traitors can go do so, whatever, it’s a free country. 

That’s what I thought last night, before I watched Trump’s Mount Rushmore military extravaganza. And a military extravaganza it was, jets flew over. Then helicopters. Then stealth fighters. Interspersed between each flight was patriotic testimony by some select military person. B-1 bombers, the Blue Angels. No, not making this up. If Trump had a Death Star, it would have flown over. In other words the introduction to his speech was a multi million dollar commercial for the US military. The nation is reeling from the worst public health crisis in a century, and a gargantuan display of military waste is how Trump thinks the Fourth of July should be celebrated? OK then.

Great production values though, it was as if Disney produced a Nuremberg rally. Then they trotted out the Master of Ceremonies, Miss South Dakota 1970. She introduced the governor of South Dakota. Lots of God and nationalism with some 60s bashing thrown in for flavor. At that point I could take no more. There was a time when I would have taken a bullet for a president. Now I can’t even watch one of his rallies. From this morning’s readings, his Mount Rushmore speech can be summed up as Trump accusing protesters of “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children”.

Paranoid divisive fear mongering nonsense, gotta hand it to Trump, he’s consistent if nothing else. No Mr Trump, people don’t want to erase history, we just don’t think statues of traitors and criminals need to be on prominent display in our great nation. Nor should military bases be named after the same traitors and criminals. The Confederates were the ones who betrayed our founding fathers and took up arms to protect the institution of chattel slavery. Their leaders are not “American heros,” and their statues should never have been put up in the first place. Stick em in obscure locations where those who want to cry over spilt milk can do so.

Comes back to what I said above, the worst global and national  health and economic crisis of our lifetimes, and Trump is upset about a few old statues? Really? Really? This isn’t leadership, this is a man baby’s idea of leadership. It’s bizarre and appalling to me, Trump can produce an extravaganza in the middle of nowhere with  hundreds of millions of dollars of military might on display, but PPE shortages continue and Covid-19 spreads virtually out of control. It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder if we really are just actors in some alien reality show sitcom, and its ratings were dropping so it’s jumped the shark with Trump.

Or to put it in another term, he’s going to take decisive action to protect a bunch of old statues, he’s creating a national garden for them, but he has yet to take decisive action leading the fight against Covid-19? And his followers find this acceptable? Well, maybe the statues can grace all the new graveyards we’re gonna need this summer.

So yes, the worst Fourth of July in my lifetime. For those still in touch with reality, a terrible new disease is raging in many of the world’s countries, especially America, my home. It’s not the new Black Death, but it’s killed half a million already and will no doubt kill millions more in the months to come, wreaking global economic havoc as well. It could be worse, but it aint no freaking flu. Here’s what we know so far. And along the same reality lines, it’s a disaster in America because we freaking shut down the country but didn’t take the steps needed to safely reopen. We wasted months, and now we’re paying the price.

Stay safe, stay home, wear the damn mask.

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(Image: Six Grandfathers ca 1905, Mount Rushmore before it was vandalized. Credit: National Park service, Public Domain under US copyright law.)

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July 4, 2020 at 8:14 am


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Well, still alive, self-quarantined, and hopefully Covid-19 free. The past 2-3 weeks I’ve tried to wind down and relax. I went nuts for several months preparing for the end of the world, and a friend made me realize I needed to step back and pet the kitties so to speak. My garden is planted, my larder is full, enjoy the good times. Purslane pesto, nature does provide. “God’s got it” my neighbour’s sign announces. IDK, but a church’s God doesn’t trump reality.

In High School a teacher who had an impact on me drew something on the board once. Yes, a 1972 memory, read em and weep. She sometimes waxed philosophical, even though it was an English class. She drew clouds, and above the word ‘Truth’ shining like the Sun. And said something to the effect that in her quest for knowledge, she had determined there was an underlying truth. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant at the time, now it seems clearer. And that’s why I write, to try and put my insights, such as they are, into words.

Current events, America continues to disintegrate. Let’s see, short version, America started to reopen, without a solid national test and trace program in place, and just what epidemiologists said would happen, did. New cases of Covid-19 in the USA hit a new high today, over 40,000. Mostly concentrated in sunshine states, like Florida and Arizona. The second wave begins? More like a continuation of the first wave. How the hell did one of the world’s richest and most developed nations get so badly hit by Covid-19?

Because about a third of Americans, including the president and company, live in an alternate universe where they get their news from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the like. Who are basically praising the president’s response to Covid-19, and claiming the Democrats and liberals are exaggerating it to hurt Trump. Things like Pence claiming Trump never downplayed the virus, which is a lie of such Olympic proportions it hurts to repeat it, but the people supporting Trump believe it.

So yeah, how did we get in this mess? When I first saw Trump at an early debate, I was impressed. He knew how to push right wing bonus buttons. As his movement grew, I wondered if he was a really clever guy pretending to be stupid, or just a lucky moke whose schtick coincided with a historical opportunity. Then he won the nomination. And his schtick didn’t change in the slightest. This is when I began to strongly suspect Trump wasn’t some secret genius, he was a guy who believed in what he was saying.

And I haven’t seen much to dispel that observation. Trump thinks he’s hot shit, he thinks he’s got it figured out, and his attitude has tremendous appeal to a selected demographic. And that’s how he ran his presidency, basically it was one long campaign rally where he congratulated himself on his prowess. The stock market rose, all his rich friends were happy, all was good. If Covid-19 hadn’t appeared Trump might well have coasted into re-election.

Covid-19 did though, and since Covid-19 is an actual real thing (See High School memory above) it required an actual real response. Something which one trick pony Donald Trump is utterly incapable of. He has two modes from what I see. “Rah rah, aren’t I great” and “I’m outta here.” The former has proved to be a poor response to Covid-19. The latter has been suggested as a possibility. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump resigned rather than risk an obviously lost election. We are in uncertain times.

The story about Russia offering bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan has been making the rounds. So many things I could say. I may even blog on it. I only ask that peeps take it with a grain of salt. No proof or evidence has yet been offered. Floating rumors like this has been part of modern warfare since the late 19th century. It’s how the game works. I note with dismay it’s pretty much already morphed into fact in many people’s minds, despite no evidence it’s anything other than a rumor. Sigh. And even if is true, it’s being horribly spun into something it’s not.

What’s not a rumor is that Trump is making one last attempt to overturn Obamacare by asking the Supreme Court to overturn it. Right, after ten years of empty GOP promises to propose something better than Obamacare, in the middle of the worst health crisis in a century, Trump wants to take away the health insurance of more than twenty million Americans.

So yeah, end of June 2020, rural Iowa. Covid-19 is exploding in America because thoughts and prayers are not a substitute for reason and science. Who would have thought that “All guns, no butter” would leave America unprepared for Covid-19?

Stay safe everything, here comes the second wave, woohoo! If we keep winning like this we’re done for.

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June 30, 2020 at 5:14 pm


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America was once a can do country.We won World War Two fighting two of the world’s great powers. We built the interstate highway system, a marvel of engineering. We went to the Moon. We eliminated smallpox. Johnson’s New Society brought millions out of poverty. We had an education and health care system that was the envy of the world. We had a thriving middle and working class where rising tides did raise all ships. I remember, I was there for much of it.

That was then, this is now. And now, we are the country that can’t. We can’t provide health care for all, something most of the rest of the world takes for granted. (There’s something more important than the health of a nation’s citizens?) We can’t do anything about our appalling gun violence and mass shooter problem. We can’t win a war. Our infrastructure and public education systems are falling apart from lack of funding. Minorities and blacks are still second class citizens in all but name.

And now we can’t even fight a pandemic, as the above illustration shows. The country is reopening, Covid-19 cases are spiking again, and the nation’s test and trace program isn’t up and running yet. It’s not up and running, because there is no national test and trace program. And Trump has basically said he’s done with the virus, he’s not closing down the country again, and he expects Covid-19 to just go away. So all we have against a continuation of the first wave of Covid-19 are piecemeal test and trace programs, and they aren’t going super well. Partly because it’s a difficult thing to set up, and partly because Americans are so “concerned” about their privacy they aren’t cooperating with test and trace programs.

In other words, yes, Trump has made Covid-19 far worse than it could have been. However, and it’s a huge however, the rot long preceded Trump. Yes, Obama, or Biden, or Clinton or Bush or my cat could likely have done a better job fighting Covid-19 than Trump, but they still would have been crippled by the underlying structural problems that turned us into America the Can’t Do nation. Obama no matter what he would have done for example, he certainly wouldn’t have convinced the GOP to cooperate any more than they ever cooperated with him. And lack of any sort of national health care system isn’t something that can be fixed overnight.

This is one of the reasons I don’t get as upset about Trump as some people. He’s as much a symptom of the problem as he is the cause. (Oh, add our broken election process to the  “Sorry, nothing can be done” list.) So getting rid of Trump is going to be a fine thing, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not going to magically fix this country’s problems. I don’t know what is going to fix them, though I can dream. I’ve always regretted missing the last great liberal cultural wave, the 1960s. Maybe the wave of people tearing down statues and stuff portends a real movement. Liberals are the goddamn majority in America, maybe 2020 will be the year they decide they are tired of empty promises from the Dems, and make broad social change happen. A blogger can dream.

Just because they say it’s impossible, doesn’t mean it is. Gee, free health care, better infrastructure and education. Freedom of religion, which means the separation of church and state. Living wages, middle class and working class growing wealthier. Yeah, the hyper rich will have much smaller bank accounts, and the military will have to do with less, but all in all the right will suffer through it. No one will be forced to get an abortion or go to a gay wedding. The world that was being created in the early 70s … before Nixon and Reagan sold the country out to the military industrial complex. That’s today’s idle speculation and I’m sticking to it.

So yeah, Trump’s big come back rally in Tulsa was a flop. About 6,000 showed up, the Trump campaign was prepared for tens of thousands. His speech was apparently not one of his best, to be honest I didn’t listen to it. My guess he probably took this low turnout badly, Trump really thrives on his MAGA rally energy. He’s had a lot of setbacks lately. He’s basically betting everything on Covid-19 just going away or being forgotten by people. He’s saying the forest fire is going to go out by itself, the experts disagree. They think it’s gonna chug along until herd immunity sets in. And depending on how long acquired immunity lasts, Covid-19 might be with us to stay. The cold from hell.

Trump was out of his depth in reasonably good times, now he’s drowning in failure. Maybe downhill from here till January when he’s dragged from the White House (while screaming “I’m the President!”)  to the sight of the greatest Trump crowd EVER … cheering his departure and burning MAGA hats.

It’s fun to live in a time in history when “God only knows what the rest of the year will bring.” Take care everyone, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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June 21, 2020 at 7:20 pm


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Today is Juneteenth, a holiday the freeing of slaves in the USA is celebrated. June 19th, 1865, the Union army freed the slaves in Texas. (Though it wasn’t quite the end, a few border states still had slaves until December.) So, Happy Juneteenth to my black friends and readers. I’m going to write a Black Lives Matter post one of these days. It’s hard because trying to write something that will reach the people who need to read it is tough. The people who think whites are a persecuted minority, blacks are for the most part thugs, and BLM is a terrorist organization devoted to killing all whites. Sigh. I miss the America of my youth where we all watched the same news and lived in the same reality, even if we disagreed about how to navigate it.

Remember Christopher McCandless? How about the movie “Into the Wild”? Basically after hitchhiking around the country for a few years, he hiked into the Alaskan wilderness in April 1992 with minimal supplies planning to “live off the land.”  Four months later he was dead of starvation, though poisoning may well have contributed to his death. A tragic story, made famous by a book in 1996 and more famous by the movie  “Into the Wild” in 2007. Subsequently the abandoned bus Mr. McCandless lived in became a tourist attraction. And this is where it gets even more tragic, since 2007 numerous people and parties have had to be rescued trying to get to the bus, and two people actually died. Apparently a lot of people watching the movie missed the message, don’t travel into deep wilderness unless you goddamn know what you’re doing. So now the DNR and the Alaska National Guard have removed the bus by helicopter to a place of safety. It will likely go on display somewhere where people can go look at it without risking their lives. Humans. “Buy them books and send them to school. What do they do? They eat the books.”

So the above illustration is a shamelessly copied image. Failure of central government illustrated? These are western democracies similar to the US in many respects. Get to some of those dirty commie countries, the comparison is worse. Cuba, 85 deaths. Vietnam, 0 deaths. And I’m being, what, sarcastic, facetious, when I say dirty commie countries? Drawing attention to the truly sick idea that there are “good” and “bad” government ideologies. No, there are 300 plus countries, each and every one of which is a unique case. Yeah, reality is complicated. My point here with this illustration is that the US federal government’s response to Covid-19 has been dreadfully inadequate by all reputable measures. The “pro-life” party running the country has cost the lives of tens of thousands of Americans, wtf?

And what is Trump doing to fix this? He’s holding a huge indoor rally this weekend, his first since he belatedly recognized Covid-19 was a big deal. Is there a vaccine? No. Has herd immunity been reached? No. Will the participants all be wearing masks and practising safe social distancing? No. Is a robust national test and trace program in place to deal with and shut down the Covid-19 outbreaks that events like this are almost sure to cause? No. So what the hell is going on here? Today’s theory remains unchanged, Trump pretty much only has one schtick, self-promotion, and it’s all he’s got to deal with this crisis. He’s a one trick pony so to speak. Will this weekend be the start of the Trump Pandemic? Maybe. Will he announce nothing but the great things he’s done? Probably. Will future historians be baffled.Definitely.

I’m baffled. The weirdest thing about the summer of Covid-19 so far is that we can’t talk about it except within those who share our social beliefs. During the run up to the invasion of and the subsequent occupation of Iraq after 9/11 I had a lot of engagement with people on the other side of the coin, both in real life and online. Today, essentially none. I guess I should call one of my oldest friends, he was a Trump stalwart last I checked. I’m afraid to know, it’s like we’re on different sides. I guess Lincoln corresponded with Davis during the Civil War, so maybe I should email him.

So hey, gentle readers, enjoy the good times if such is happening, that’s what I’m doing. (Drinking a craft beer and eating cheese with a homemade biscuit as I type.) A third of America is going to Trump rallies and thinks things are fine. The other two thirds, well, a lot of them don’t grasp how bad it is, and/or believe ridiculous conspiracy theories. Some of us are trying to make sense of it all, me included, comments/shares appreciated.

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June 19, 2020 at 7:38 pm


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It is so freaking strange living in contemporary America, June, 2020. Covid-19 is now the 4th worst mass death event in US history, and is still killing about a thousand people a day with no end in sight. That’s a much higher rate than any of America’s wars. Covid-19 has not only killed a 4th place record of Americans, it’s done so in just a few months! In other words, this is an ongoing catastrophe of epic proportions.

And yet, in the news, in the public eye, in the Trump supporters crowd especially, the crisis has passed and the country is reopening. All across American restrictions are being lifted and people are starting to congregate with little to no concern for masks or social distancing. It’s unreal, we’re just gonna pretend Covid-19 is going to go away? It’s like living in a Twilight Zone episode. Deaths are already ramping upwards in multiple states as they reopen, what’s going to happen when once again thousands of people are dying daily? Damned if I know.

So I’ve learned a few things from this ongoing existential crisis. I’ve always been fascinated by how civilizations collapse. More importantly, how it is that people continued to carry on with destructive actions long after it was clear that in the long run what they were doing was going to be catastrophic? Jared Diamond has written books about this, I like his take: “I wonder what they were thinking when they cut down the last tree on Easter Island.” Basically, people, even leaders, base most of their actions on short term and immediate gains, somehow blinding themselves to the ultimate consequences. Reading about it was one thing, seeing it in action, wow.

I’ve also got a bit more insight into Trump, or observation at least. People follow Trump because he believes what he says. I think it’s why people fall for cult like leaders in general, they want to be told what to think and do, and someone who can tell them that with fervent belief, well, that’s what they are looking for. It’s especially true nowadays when there’s whole news channels devoted to promoting Trumpism. So no matter how bad it gets, and there’s every indication it’s going to get much worse, his core supporters will stick by him.

This also figures into concerns about Trump’s health. He recently had a bit of trouble on a ramp and with a glass of water apparently. Though, honestly they didn’t look like any big deal to me. My point though, is Trump’s health is just like anything else in Trump’s world, he thinks he’s in great health and that’s that. If a doctor tried to tell him differently, he would get a new doctor. I could literally see him being like President Wilson after his stroke. One entire side of his body was paralyzed, but he insisted he was just “slightly lame.” The constitution was eventually amended to deal with such situations, but it would require congress to invoke. So as long as the GOP controls the Senate and Trump can be propped up in a chair and can sign documents, he’ll remain the POTUS.

Or to put our current situation another way:

“The entire point of shutting down society was to allow time for a test and trace system to be out in place. It never was and now the 2nd wave will be even bigger. So there are 115,000 dead, an economy in free-fall, millions suffering and it was all for NOTHING.This is FAILURE.”   —Mikel Jollett

Yeah, we’re hosed.

On a more personal and positive note, my Covid-19 victory garden is out of control. I’m eating stuff from it almost every meal, my housemate is eating, my neighbors are eating, even a rabbit got into it and ate some. It’s a very good feeling frankly, I should have settled down long ago and gotten serious about growing food. Most people are still on auto-pilot, but Covid-19 has changed my life. Hopefully changed it enough to get through the rest of 2020, but we’ll see what the Universe has in store for us.

Stay safe, stay sane, have a great week everyone. I took an overdue vacation last week, but back to the blogging grandstone now. Comments, likes, shares appreciated.

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(Image: Used without permission. Claiming Fair Use, it’s all over Facebook, it’s the perfect photo for illustrating the post, and the idea that I am making a profit off this blog doesn’t pass the laugh test. I think it came from this site discussed on Snopes.)

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June 15, 2020 at 7:46 am


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Trump tweeted the above very recently. It’s regarding this incident in Buffalo, warning, very disturbing imagery: Police knock protester over. The more I think about Trump’s tweet, the more disturbed I am on several levels. I’ll be blunt, this is the tweet of a 13 year old boy who reads too many comics and watches too many superhero movies, while failing every class in school. If Trump was a 13 year old boy, no problem, children often have poor judgement and limited reality testing. I believed all sorts of silly crap when I was 13, it’s embarrassing to even recall. Trump however is a 73 year old man, and the president of the United States. So yeah, sorry world, sorry future readers, somehow we ended up with a president who tweets childish paranoid nonsense.

However, let’s try to analyze this a bit deeper. First pass, what if Obama had said something similar after five cops were shot and killed in Austin in 2016: “This was obviously some sort of false flag operation by the KKK and the GOP to make black people look bad.” To put it mildly, the alt right, the GOP, and Fox News and friends would have gone ballistic. They would rightfully have pointed out that Obama was not only insane for suggesting so, he was disrespecting cops, the American Flag, and our great nation itself. Yeah. One of my life observations is that if the opposite of an argument is absurd, maybe the argument itself is questionable, nu?

Then just the absurdity of the statement itself. A 75 year old guy with no record of anything but peaceful protest is suddenly some sort of secret agent for Antifa, an organization that doesn’t really exist in any real sense of the word? This tweet covers it nicely:

And no, cell phones can’t be used to do any of the things Trump suggests. From the video, gee, looks like he got in the way of an advancing police phalanx, and they pushed him down. And he hit the ground so hard he immediately started bleeding profusely out his ear. This was faked somehow? Does Trump have any evidence supporting his theory? (Hint: no.)

I mean, Trump is the CinC of Washington’s military and intelligence resources, he literally has the best resources on the planet to investigate what happened on this video. Did he ask them to do so? Apparently not, Trump’s ‘analysis’ of this incident doesn’t seem to be based on any evidence or intelligence, it’s just his lay observations? This is leadership? A president basically making it up as he goes along. Not a good look on anyone, especially the POTUs.

I submit that in these troubled times, truth matters. The good doctor covers it nicely in this article. Basically while people may be able to logically assess neutral topics, the more they identify with a tribal belief, the more they use the fine brains evolution/God gave them for confirmation bias, cherry picking, motivated reasoning and all the other mental gyrations it takes to adhere to one’s chosen social belief system. It’s not hopeless though, one can be aware of one’s own biases and actively seek out opposing viewpoints. There is an underlying reality, there’s a vast array of people trying to understand it, and the resources are out there to stay halfway informed.

So some big things are going on as I type. Covid-19 ain’t done yet, and it’s trending upwards still in numerous states. Globally it’s very mixed, some countries have shut it down completely, like Cuba, New Zealand,  and Vietnam. Some are unfolding catastrophes like Brazil and India. Trump is going to resume campaign rallies, on Juneteenth, the holidays blacks celebrate emancipation. In Tulsa Oklahoma, site of one of the worst anti-black riots in US history. Coincidence? I doubt it. Meanwhile the BLM movement appears to be making great strides, with police departments being scaled back in many cities. In the spirit of getting educated, please read this article. It’s long, but worth it.

The “defund the police” rallying cry is best expressed in this meme:

It’s a radical idea, but there’s lots of excellent arguments for it. And there’s certainly no reason states and cities shouldn’t try it. Still, there will be a lot of pushback, police unions and police culture are very strong. And Trump is sure on the side of the police. In Seattle I guess there is an actual zone the police have been kicked out of. A Tiananmen square of our own? So these are revolutionary times. Trump is apparently outraged, but he’s outraged a lot lately.

At the very least. It’s a golden age for memes. I cheerfully admit I have no clue what’s going to happen next, but I’ll do my damnedest to blog about it. I do know that anyone who claims to know where this is all going is, well, full of it. Covid-19 broke the mould so to speak, it’s the Saturn Return of our time. By that I mean it’s separating out the wheat from the chaff. Your country is run by people in touch with reality, Covid-19 can be beat. Your country is run by someone who lives in their own reality, you’re hosed.

Stay safe, stay sane everyone. Comments, shares, etc appreciated.

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June 11, 2020 at 6:24 pm


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OK, cooler heads seem to have prevailed in the USA, no catastrophic new developments over the past few days. Large scale demonstrations against white supremacy and police brutality have continued, largely peacefully. Trump has tweeted up a storm and built a wall around the White House. So he got his wall, just not quite what he expected or promised. These are still very uncertain times. A few thoughts about various developments.

Someone pointed out that when Trump was waving a bible around for his photo op, he was holding it upside down and backwards. And they observed that if Obama had held a Bible in such a fashion, Fox News and crowd would have been screaming it was proof that Obama was the anti-christ. Yes far future readers, we really have reached that level of transcendent absurdity. The GOP and Fox News spent all of Obama’s two terms generating outrage about Obama over things that were trivial to non-existent. And of course never really criticizing him for his real failings: his service to the banking industry, normalization of endless war, etc. Political discourse has been farcical in the USA for decades, it’s just gotten more pronounced under Trump.

There has at least been some response to all these demonstrations. The cops who killed George Floyd have been arrested and charged. The Democrats have announced a police reform bill. France is banning chokeholds. I dunno though, serious change in how we police America has been overdue for decades. Our rate of police shootings is horrifying. And it’s not like we don’t know what to do, there are excellent and proven ways to reduce violence by police. That we haven’t done this shows the problem is political, despite what anyone says. And by political I mean that special interests wedded to ideology are preventing progress. Maybe we are at a watershed and true police reform will happen, I’m not holding my breath.

And no, Minneapolis disbanding their police department doesn’t mean the burbs will hire private security while the Crips and the Bloods fight it out for control of urban areas. I literally heard that from a person on the right. I could write a book about the bad logic and factual errors such thinking encompasses. Like I said, we’ll see what transpires. Disbanding police departments means turning over all the instances where cops were expected to be “social workers with guns” to other more appropriate agencies. Go with what works, imagine that?

So yes, all sorts of mass demonstrations against police violence. Wildly outnumbering the handful of people taking to the streets demanding an end to the Covid-19 social distancing a month or so back. Many of these people are not wearing masks or practicing social distancing. Add that to police using banned chemical weapons, which helps spread Covid-19, and we could see a huge spike in Covid-19 in a few weeks. Thrillsville. I don’t think saving the rich was worth killing grandma, but ending police brutality is? I have yet to resolve this issue.

So came across this quote:

“It has exposed how much of Western society … is permeated with influential people who have deluded themselves into thinking that their ability to manipulate words, images and sounds gives them the ability to control reality itself.”

It was from this article, Why the Coronavirus is Winning. IDK, it addresses my previous conundrum, how does one justify mass protests during a pandemic? Read it and weep I guess. And I stand by the quote above, it exposes the west’s fatal flaw. Reality bats last.

For my part I’ve concentrated on getting my garden ready as I wait for more shoes to drop. (Image above.)  It was very satisfying, my first serious vegetable garden in nearly 30 years. Boy, life just whizzes on by, mostly boring, sometimes too stressful for words. One adapts to the later I suppose. That’s my plan, seeing as my plan to die young and be a horrible warning has gone tragically awry. Have a safe and sane week everyone. Shares, comments welcome.

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June 8, 2020 at 7:55 pm

LIGHTS OUT IN WASHINGTON, Part II, “Protesters dispersed with Tear Gas so Trump can Pose at a Church.”

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Well, that headline sure sums up Trump in a nutshell. While he was giving his “law and order speech” yesterday,  police used mace, rubber bullets, and horses to disperse peaceful, lawful constitutionally protected protestors so he could walk across the street and pose waving a bible in front of a church. A church that vociferously objected, never gave permission for their church to be so used, and supports the protestors. Mariann Budde, the Episcopal bishop of Washington, responsible for the church that Trump visited said: “The Bible teaches us to love God and our neighbor; that all people are beloved children of God; that we are to do justice and love kindness. The President used our sacred text as a symbol of division.” Apparently Trump doesn’t have to obey the law even while he is insisting he’s the “law and order” president. It’s nonsense like this that makes the aliens fly right by. I should also note that if the president of one of our designated enemies did this, the GOP would be howling in outrage at the perversion of democracy.

Sigh. Notes in the margins so to speak. Observations and thoughts on the nation’s travails, struggling with a pandemic and widespread civil unrest. In a nutshell, police brutality has been an ongoing problem in the US for decades. The police kill like a thousand people a year in the USA, under 100 in Germany, France, and the UK combined. It’s a horrible level of police violence for a self-styled developed country. As long as that continues, protests and calls for change are going to continue. If someone’s cause is just, that some violence is done in its service doesn’t magically delegitimize the cause. And it most certainly doesn’t legitimize calling on the troops and police to quell the disturbance, as if people angered by decades of unjustified police killings and violence were somehow the enemy of the state.

It’s not like there are no reasonable solutions. How about cops being trained to much higher standards, like the rest of the developed world does? How about reversing the militarization of the police, bipartisan efforts are already under way in that regard. They’re freaking police, not an occupying army for God’s sake. How about admitting there’s a problem and trying to address it? Apparently that’s too subtle or too complicated for the great thinker in the White House to come up with. “The riots must be being orchestrated by my enemies, so they must be crushed.” Never before had a president in my life who made everything about him. Narcissism illustrated.

I had a thought I don’t recall being pointed out anywhere. The original George Floyd incident. OK, I spent decades going to little liquor stores in sketchy neighborhoods. And yes, a few times a customer tried to pay with a stolen credit card or some shit. The store owners refused to honor it and booted the customer, end of story. In this case, the clerk took obviously fake money, gave George his purchase, and then called the cops? Wouldn’t it be easier to not honor the counterfeit money in the first place? It sounds like the store owner was trying to create a confrontation and a problem. And this is the shit black people have to deal with regularly, people call the cops on them at the drop of a hat. This time the wrong cop showed up, though with his history of violent complaints, one has to wonder why he was still a cop? This gets back to what I said above, why the hell can’t we hold cops to a higher standard? And why the hell don’t cops support such efforts, though granted there are those that do.

One of my biggest fears now is the chaos engendered by Trump will “break” the system, and we will get a military coup or some such. IE there have to be all sorts of Dick Cheney’s working in the shadows, people perfectly willing and capable of using Trump’s chaos to further their agenda. Trump would make the perfect martyr to install a Christian theocracy for example. Scary days. Paranoid nonsense? IDK anymore. We’ll see how it plays out, but I don’t see any lights in the tunnel yet. At least none that aren’t train wrecks rushing towards us. Boy, just a few months ago I thought the Iowa caucus screw up was the big story of the year, if not the decade, that I would have front line seats to.

Let’s see, May brought us murder hornets, a horrible police killing, and the worst civil unrest and police riots since the 1960s. Still waiting for June’s treat. Asteroids? Ebola outbreak? Tigers? Whatever it is, I’m sure it will generate some hysterical memes. If things keep humming along, I might post every day for a while. To say I am upset and my concentration has been affected would be an understatement. I watch the news, I rage, I write. Rinse and repeat.

Stay safe, stay sane everyone.

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(Image: Antififa activists storm ashore June 6 1944 in the beginning of the end for One of the world’s most evil fascist tyrants. How we got from all Americans  knowing fascism was bad to a POTUS defending Nazi flag waving thugs and demonizing anti-fascists is a mystery to me. Credit: Public Domain under US copyright law.)

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June 2, 2020 at 1:58 pm


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OK, for the past several nights there have been growing protests across America against the killing of George Floyd in particular, and injustice and violence towards blacks in general. Last night demonstrations outside the White House got violent, property damage, fires set. There was skirmishing with the police, the police might even have started it, I wasn’t there. Trump turned out the White House lights and hid in a bunker. I’m underwhelmed, a real leader would have emerged and addressed the crowd.

Be that as it may, today Trump gave a short speech about how he’s going to respond. It was pretty simple, I will recapitulate. He started off by saying how terrible the killing of George Floyd was, and he wants his family to get justice. (I wonder if the four accused cops ever watched Breaker Morant?) Then he went on to say how terrible the violence was, with Trump’s trademark cherry picked list of victims. And then he claimed it’s a law and order problem, blamed all the violence on his designated left wing enemies, and said he’d send in the troops if governors didn’t get the situation under control, using the National Guard if they had to. Basically framing it all as a law and order issue vs leftist thugs, and he was going to crack down and fix.

I’m sure Rush Limbaugh and hard core Trump supporters ate it all up. They live in a world where there is no right wing violence. No police riots. All violence is from the left. Even Hitler was a leftist. Covid-19 and now this is all a Democrat plot to bring down Trump. Sigh. I don’t know what to say to such people, but if any are still reading, hear me out. Let’s deconstruct Trump’s speech.

OK, yeah, justice for George Floyd. Great. However, and it’s a huge however, George Floyd’s killing was just one of an endless series of blacks being killed with no consequences by cops and civilians. Implying that this single injustice is  what the violence is all about is either ignorant or disingenuous. Then his cherry picked list of victims. All real no doubt. It just excludes victims that don’t support his “law and order” narrative. There’s absolutely credible reports of police riots and police attacking news reporters. And credible reports of right wing instigators trying to start a “race war.” Bad people come in a wide array of persuasions, welcome to Earth.

And then his claim it’s all a “law and order” issue, and that’s what America is all about. No mention that peaceful protest is constitutionally protected. In a nutshell, Trump refused to address the underlying issue, and claimed he’s going to use force to make it all better. Yeah, I don’t see this working, police violence is the problem, not the solution. He promised to magically make Covid-19 go away, and we are the worst hit country. I doubt his promise to fix this will work out any better, simplistic ideology driven solutions make problems worse, not better.

So I’m going to post this tonight, and maybe add to it in the morning. The worst civil unrest since the sixties, anything could happen tonight. I’m sick at heart over all this. I have friends going to protests as I type. I pray for their safety. I pray for peace. I pray for justice. I pray Trump’s response doesn’t make this worse, but I think threats and encouraging violence isn’t going to help. I don’t think this is a problem troops will solve.

We’ll see, G’night and take care all. Crazy times.

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June 1, 2020 at 7:01 pm