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Well, we’re one big step further towards living in an Evangelical Christian Theocracy. The new SCOTUS struck down Covid-19 restrictions on religious gatherings. It’s claimed as a blow for religious freedom. It’s nothing of the kind. The Constitution protects one’s right to believe as one wants, the government can’t outlaw certain religions. It has nothing to do with people’s behaviour. One can’t act any way one wants, then claim it’s a religious practice. If that was the case sacrificing one’s neighbors to the Gods would be protected. And that’s pretty much what the SCOTUS just did, it said holding Covid-19 superspreader events in the midst of a pandemic was protected as a religious activity.

OK then. Many many people will die because of this ruling, it goes without saying. Sadly many of them won’t even be the people choosing to attend these “Spread the plague in the name of Christ!” events. People will get infected at these events and spread it among the community. All because an organized religion wants to control America. The Evangelicals are not shy about their desire to turn America into a “Christian Nation,” where their interpretation of the bible is the law of the land for all, Evangelical Christian or not. This isn’t religion, this is organized religion; organized religion has a history drenched in blood, and our nation’s founders very much wanted to prevent that here, a nation where government wasn’t in any way run by organized religion. They are spinning in their graves at SCOTUS rulings like this.

Speaking of spreading the plague, today is Thanksgiving in America! Wait, what does that have to do with plague? I’ll get there. I’ve had increasingly mixed feelings about Thanksgiving over the past few years. On the one hand, a fall gathering of loved ones to be thankful for the good fortunes of the summer, sure. People have been holding holidays like that forever. It’s the attachment to the Pilgrims that is problematic. The Pilgrims’ relationship with the natives was hardly as portrayed in the usual Thanksgiving narrative. Moreover the original Thanksgiving Holiday was explicitly celebrating a giant massacre of natives. Yikes. Only in the last century or so was the “feel good” version of Pilgrims and natives promulgated. Read about it all here.

So I’m not celebrating that. I am thankful for my good health, friends, and family. And skol to all celebrating with me in this regard. As for plague connections, two. First off, the arrival of Europeans unleashed terrible epidemics into the new world, tens of millions died, entire native nations were essentially wiped out. And while there is no evidence for Europeans deliberately spreading disease, nonetheless when one’s uninvited “guests” arrive with horrible contagious diseases, it’s nothing to celebrate.

And in contemporary America, where the Covid-19 pandemic is at its worst level ever, an American dying every 37 seconds now, over 2,000 a day … people getting together for Thanksgiving is going to just add gasoline to the fire. Way too many Americans still don’t understand how serious Covid-19 is, thanks to all the leaders and influencers spreading misinformation about it, so as I am typing this a nationwide superspreader event is underway. Jesus wept.

I’m still baffled daily about how we got here, a nation not divided by two ideologies, no, a nation where half of the nation has their own (imaginary) reality. Global warming is real, and caused by human activity. Covid-19 is real, and the worst new infectious disease to come along in a century, if not a millennia. And Donald Trump soundly lost the election. These aren’t debatablebateable, they are established facts. Yet Trump and his followers reject all three and insist their imagined reality is true, despite all evidence to the contrary. A mystery for the ages, here is an interesting take on it: The Rotting of the Republican Mind. I think it’s a combination of a lot of things, but at its core, propaganda and advertising are sciences now, and daily more effective as a result.

Science, the thing mostly responsible for all the marvels of the modern world, is powering forces that may well destroy it. It’s one of the lines of argument that makes me wonder if ultimately intelligence such as ours is an evolutionary dead end. I always like ending on a bleak note. Stay safe everyone, comments, likes, shares appreciated. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 26, 2020 at 9:19 pm


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OK, looking like Trump’s coup attempt, or whatever one wants to call his attempt to deny he lost the election and go on to a second term … is pretty much over. Looking like we’ve hit the Watergate phase here. Trump will be shuffled off the stage like Nixon, pardoning people left and right. Ho hum. Or ho hum to me, I’ve certainly had enough of the man. Unless there is some new great perfidy, I’m gonna start phasing out my Trump coverage. The Trump era is fading.

A shame really. He had half the country in his thrall. And then with the arrival of Covid-19, he was handed an opportunity few leaders ever face. A horrifying attack on America, an attack all Americans would rise to resist. The likes of Pearl Harbor or 9/11. That’s what Covid-19 was, an enemy that wanted to kill millions of Americans. An attack that was utterly apolitical, it transcended politics. If Trump in March had donned a mask and led a science based response to Covid-19, the GOP and his base would have followed. And far far fewer Americans would be dead, and Trump would have been triumphantly reelected.

Yeah, didn’t happen. This goes into it: The Rise (and Fall?) of Trump’s Viral Death Cult. Oh well, we’ll see what happens next. The Covid-19 death toll will hit at least 500,000 before it’s under control late next year. If all goes well. Biden will try to reestablish the pre-Trump international order. He may or may not succeed. Covid-19 and Trump have changed everything. That was Trump’s, and by extension his followers, great failing. They didn’t understand that Covid-19 was real, not some libtard plot. In the weird alternate universe the GOP has been building since the McCarthy era, everything by the opposition is some subversive commie plot to destroy America.

Great strategy politically, always ends badly when it collides with reality. And here we are, the economy trashed, the pandemic out of control, the rich looting like there’s no tomorrow. We’ll see how it falls out, but still going with “This isn’t going to end well.” I suppose that applies to everything if one steps back far enough.

So this was the first day in months where I felt physically OK and not more than usual worried about imminent death. IE gee, I can get myself a “I beat cancer” T-shirt. Yeah, no. Looking like a mild winter here in Northern Iowa. Hoping it extends to other realms. My dreams have been freaking intense lately, like a second life. Stay safe and sane everyone. Comments, questions, suggestions, etc. appreciated.#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 25, 2020 at 8:37 pm


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November 22, 1963. President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas. Only US president to be assassinated in my lifetime, a huge deal at the time. I was only six though, and either wasn’t living in the US yet, or had just barely moved there. I do seem to recall a funeral on TV that was a big deal, maybe we moved to the US right after the assasination? I do remember a few months later the Beatles arriving in the USA, though I was confused, why were some beetles from England such a big deal? Even at six I was socially isolated, a life skill that serves me well to this day.

I still have piles of memories from then though. I’ve met folks who can’t remember their childhood, not me. This first place we lived in America we stayed for 1 ½ years, an apartment in Pearl River, New York. I could write a book alone about just that year and a half. Highlights include my first concussion (getting hit in the head with a rock was a common childhood experience then, the pre nerf ball generation,) a kid who brought a real gun to play gunfights, and my best friend burning to death. The lost world as I call it, it only lives on in memories, and mostly the memories of the young at the time.

Back to the present, Trump mostly skipped a G20 virtual summit on the global Covid-19 crisis, opting to play golf for part of it. If Obama had done that while more than an American a minute was dying of Covid-19, the screams of outrage from the GOP would have been overheard and recorded in numerous locations in Canada. Still, true to form for Trump. He’s pretty much abandoned America’s position of leadership in the world. Like pulling out of the WHO during a global pandemic. Great, OK, if we grant that the WHO wasn’t doing a good job, what’s the alternative? Trump’s got nothing.

That’s kinda where we’re at now, the GOP has been the party of “Nope!” since Obama got elected. Got an alternative to the ACA (Obamacare?) Nope. Got an alternative to the Iran Nuclear deal? Nope. The Paris Climate Agreement? Nope. I could go on, but why bother. The modern GOP knows what it hates and wants out of, real world policies to replace what they are pulling out of, nope. If making America an outsider and pariah on the world stage was what Trumpers wanted, they won! America the isolated, scorned, and pitied.

Reviewing the news for last minute notes, I see the fellow that popularized the “Ice bucket Challenge” has passed. ALS is a horrible disease. As my dad said when my stepmom was diagnosed with it, at least it’s a disease “uncomplicated by hope.” Even if one doesn’t die, most do, the small number that don’t are still very disabled for life. Think Stephen Hawking. My dad also said, not original: “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.” His father (my grandfather) outlived three wives. My dad hoped marrying a woman 20 years younger would avoid that fate. Oh well, RIP Patrick and Ursula.

Final Doug’s Darkworld comment. Yeah, it’s great when some charitable endeavour results in money flowing to some good cause. The problem is, there’s no shortage of money. The modern world is rich beyond any caesar’s dreams, industrialization and modern science has yielded wealth almost uncountable. There’s easily enough wealth to address all of the world’s problems, including ALS. Instead, because of the unfathomable greed of the world’s rich and powerful, we live in a world where the charity of the poor and working class is touted as the “only” solution to such things as world hunger, ALS, and all the rest. It’s sick and wrong.

We never left the Garden of Eden, that’s a lie perpetuated by those who want the garden’s wealth for themselves. Christianity is a religion for slaves, as a lost friend put it. Stay safe everyone; comments, likes, shares appreciated. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 22, 2020 at 8:45 pm


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Here I was looking forward to Thanksgiving, and then I read this: Op-Ed: Thanksgiving is a tradition. It’s also a lie. I find the logic pretty persuasive. I wouldn’t participate in a Confederate flag waving parade or hanging black people in effigy no matter how traditional they were. Sigh. Growing up never ends. One would hope at least.

Let’s see, after meeting with Trump the Michigan lawmakers decided to stick with the law. Michigan goes to Biden by a comfortable margin. Georgia just certified Biden. Trump’s thin chances of overturning the election results in his favor just went from slim to microscopic. Trump continues to insist he was cheated out of winning, and his administration continues to refuse to coordinate with the incoming Biden administration. Unprecedented in American history.

Trump is also making all sorts of last minute global maneuvers to either box Biden in, or leave him with problems. An understated little side play in the war, while America is consumed with Trump’s election denial antics and an exploding pandemic that is killing thousands a day now. One person out of every 1,000 in North Dakota has died of Covid-19 now. If this was happening on Obama’s watch, the outraged screams from Trump supporters would echo across the Universe. Instead, they’re upset that California’s governor flouted his own virus guidelines. I digress.

The war, the one war. Started in the mid eighth century BC when Rome conquered its neighboring town, Caenina. That’s when the war started, the one the US is still waging today. Wait, what? That’s my theory on when what I call “The Imperial Disease” started. There were plenty of wars before and after that, but based on variations of “Kill them and take their land.” The Imperial Disease is the idea that you march in and say “You’re all Romans now!” Rome conquered most of Europe and environs, broke apart, but its parts continued to express the disease, finally cooperating to conquer the entire world in the so-called “age of discovery.” Where they discovered there was a whole world waiting to be claimed in the name of Rome!

Jesus, Rome, same difference. One of the symptoms of the disease is that people so afflicted think it’s normal and proper for their armies to run other countries. That’s why the US has been in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years with nary a domestic peep. Spending staggering sums of money, not insignificant amounts of American lives and blood, to prop up a quisling government that will evaporate when we leave. But, you know, freedom and democracy flow from our cruise missiles!

Sigh. One of Trump’s few good points was his questioning America’s enormously expensive overseas empire. Granted he pretty much didn’t do crap to downsize it, but maybe if he pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan now like he is threatening, we’ll learn something. We’ll learn that us pulling out of there was like pulling one’s hand from a bucket of water, the water stays right there unchanged. Gee, maybe we didn’t need to stick our hand in there in the first place?

Yeah, I’m reaching. I still think we’re screwed. See above image. In local news, I continue to recover from cancer surgery. And I got a new patron! Woohoo! Thanks! Stay safe everyone. Comments, suggestions, shares appreciated.#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 20, 2020 at 7:37 pm


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And away we go, the gentle reader thought Covid-19 was bad this spring, they ain’t seen nothing yet. Trump has pretty much abdicated from actually running the country, and completely abdicated on doing anything about the pandemic. Most state governors are doing very little as well. So basically America has resigned itself to hundreds of thousands of additional deaths and millions more Americans with long term or permanent health problems … because it’s too much hassle to do anything about it? I mean, hell if I know. The world, the future, many Americans look on with astonishment and horror as the world’s last superpower allows a pandemic to spread unchecked through its population.

Amazing what one can get used to I guess. America has been lost in space for decades really, it’s not like our attachment with reality was terribly strong to begin with. Maybe it began with the Moon Landing Hoax. The idea that possibly the most well documented event in human history was somehow a hoax. I sometimes think that was the moment the “I believe something that wouldn’t even make a believable science fiction movie” virus got hold. Comic book thinking I call it. That’s about the level of it. Grown ups unable to see that certain ideas are both logically absurd, have zero evidence in support of them, and a mountain of evidence against them.

Things like holocaust denial, flat earthers, anti-vaxxers, etc. I used to debate people like that, now they’ve retreated into their own online realities. At least people are trying. Hell, I’m trying, it’s why I write. I’ve been fascinated by the amazing universe we live in since forever, and never stopped trying to figure it out. And the secret of the universe: It’s easy to get people to believe BS. And here America is, steeped in BS while awash in the wonders of actual science. Go figure. Hell, science has made it even easier to get people to believe in BS. Advertising and propaganda are sciences now, and quite effective ones thank you.

A moment here to thank the church for laying the groundwork for America’s disenfranchisement from reality. By church, I mean fundamentalists and biblical literalists of all stripes. By 1830  science knew that the Earth was at least millions of years old and there was never a global flood. By 1870 the scientific debate over evolution was over. But to this day tens of millions of Americans teach their children that Genesis was literally true. This is why the aliens lock their doors and fly right by.

And now into this mix, throw Trump. He really is a figure of incredible historical prominence. Obama, Palin, Biden will all be historical footnotes someday, Trump will be a Caesar, Napoleon, or Hitler. People will remember him. There really hasn’t been any American in my life like him, able to get blind devotion and support from tens of millions of Americans, he’s their messiah. Trump’s a brilliant self-promoter, one of the best in history. He’s parlayed it into a fortune, world wide name recognition, and the presidency of the United States.

I’d say I’d love to meet Trump, like I’d love to meet Obama or Caesar or Lincoln, but no. I don’t think there’s really anyone there there. He hasn’t grasped Covid-19 is real just for starters. In any event, the chances I will interview Trump for my blog are minimal. Still, it’s 2020, anything is possible. Stay safe everyone, Dr, Fauci hasn’t given up hope: U.S. reports record 153,400 new Covid cases as Dr. Fauci urges Americans to be careful: ‘It is not futile’. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 14, 2020 at 8:24 pm


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I spent a lot of time today trying to decide what to write about. Mortality, amazing thing. I might be blogging for decades. These might be my last few blogs. Actually, life’s always like that, but we pretend otherwise because it’s far more bearable.

So, after much thought. Lily ponds. A lesson in math, one lost on most people. Say one has a lily pond. Day one, one lily pad. Day thirty, completely covered with lily pads. The lily pads double every day, on what day do they cover half of the pond?

On day 29 of course. And that’s kinda where we are in America with Covid-19. It’s exploding, it’s worse than it’s ever been. Our only hope to stave off a Covid-19 death winter, is to go into lockdown mode over the winter far more seriously than we did last spring. Ain’t gonna happen, so we’re hosed.

It’s so freaking weird. Trump and tens of millions of his followers are still living in an alternate universe where the election was stolen from him in some grand conspiracy. It’s like the president thinks the Moon landings were a hoax or the Earth is flat, and his supporters believe him.

And people wonder why I sometimes think the Earth is just some alien reality show?

So what do I write about in the next few blogs? Trump? Covid-19? The contemporary Roman Empire? Aliens? Magick? Dead turtles?

I should do a youtube showing how cats are really snakes in cat suits.

OK, what I know:

Avoid activities where a minor problem means a fatal fall.

Always keep one hand behind one’s back when working with live power.

Anyone can be cool for an hour.

“The map is not the territory.”

It’s hotter in the city than it is in the summer.

I guess that’s all I got tonight. Shortest damn blog post since the one where I wondered if anyone else noticed that Aslan looked like a talking rug in the first “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” movie. Have a great weekend everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 13, 2020 at 8:38 pm


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I love the Simpsons. Watched and taped them religiously for years. When I was sick I’d just binge watch my taped Simpsons episodes (although not sure the term ‘binge watch’ existed then.) Then along came the Internet and my boxes of old VHS tapes slowly became irrelevant. Something people did in the 80s and 90s, tape stuff. Had a lot of movies on tape. All landfill now, or strangling turtles. IDK. So yeah, anything can be explained with the properly selected Simpsons images. Star Trek memes work too, the universal languages.

The image is accurate. Trump maintains that a huge conspiracy cost him the election, despite zero actual evidence for same. Something I just wrote in an email regarding the ‘Trump Show” or whatever one wants to call the current events:

“Yeah, the right has drifted further away from reality than the left in recent years, but Trump completely unmoored his followers from consensus reality and brought them into Trump’s show, where he’s the greatest president ever.

Very unusual event historically. Commodus is the closest analogy I could find, maybe Nero. Cromwell? Hitler too, but only in a narrow sense. None of them came to good  ends really. Reality is not actually subject to human will on a vast scale, no matter how much it may look so briefly. (Trump’s election, Hitler conquering France in ten days.) Stunning “successes” like these are actually a lucky confluence of events combined with the particular skill set of the person at top.”

Once you decide you’re a God, an ugly end follows eventually. Usually sooner than later.

So yes, the first election in US history where the incumbent POTUS loser refuses to accept the results of the election. OK then. And the Covid-19 pandemic is exploding out of control in the US, just to add fat to the fire.We are treating it better now, less than a one percent fatality rate. Still, that’s millions of dead Americans if Covid-19 spreads through the whole population. 1500 dead on Wednesday. We can expect to see a 9/11 dead a day sometime soon, since Trump has given up fighting Covid-19.

Once again for the people in the back, Covid-19 ain’t no freaking flu or cold: Brain Scans Show a Whole Spectrum of COVID-19 Abnormalities We Can’t Fully Explain. And: One in 5 COVID-19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days – study. And: Even if you’re asymptomatic, COVID-19 can harm your heart, study shows – here’s what student athletes need to know.

Oh, yeah, Covid-19 fatigue. Hearing stuff about people, especially Americans, ‘tired’ of Covid-19 restrictions. They just want it over with. Here’s what I have to say to them: GROW. THE. FUCK. UP. Bitching about the inconvenience of pandemic public health measures is no different than car trip’s children  “Are we there yet?” Covid-19 changed everything, if you don’t get that, you are living in a fantasy world.

Fun times. Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 12, 2020 at 8:48 pm


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Veterans Day, 2020. One knows people are being hosed if there’s a day set up to honor them. Hosed, used, manipulated, whatever. America has fetishized war, the military, and veterans. Basically one or two days a year, and in other silly ways (I get veterans parking, woohoo!) America “lauds” its veterans. The other 365 days a year they send them to die in colonial wars whose only purpose is politics or corporate profits. The last war America fought to “defend our freedoms” was World War Two, and even it has caveats. Every veteran after that fought to make some president look good or promote the American Empire.

So yeah fellow veteran dudes and dudettes, your service is appreciated. With the exception of WW2 vets, a few of which may still be reading this, you got duped. I served myself, joined with high ideals, found I’d joined a deeply misogynistic muslim-hating gang whose mission was to travel around the world and murder people. I was disillusioned to say the least, though if I had it to all do over again, I would have joined the army instead of the USMC and served 20 or 30 years. Life is complicated. And I did meet some great people in the service.

Hell, I was a Nazi bigot before I joined the service. Actually living and working with people of all faiths, colors, etc., I learned “A**holes come in all colors.” We had four drill instructors in basic training. Two white, two black. First guy, black guy, can’t remember his name. He was something else, mean mofo, the only DI (drill instructor) that physically abused me, he started kicking me one day because my push ups weren’t up to his standards. No big deal though. The other privates (recruits) connected with him. He didn’t last, showed up drunk one night while off duty and got into a fistfight with a private. He got replaced, I wish him the best.

The Senior Drill Instructor, white guy, Staff Sergeant Sisk (weird what details one remembers from four decades ago,) was a good guy but ill suited to be a Drill Instructor. OK guy though. I’d have a beer with him if I ever ran across him. 3rd DI. Black fellow. Dumb, as in modest IQ black guy from rural Georgia. Vietnam Vet. Sergeant Allen. And he was a Marine to the bone, probably the most Marinest Marine I ever met. If he had your back, you were covered. One of the most impressive human beings I ever had the privilege of knowing.

Last guy, white fellow, Canadian like me. He was a sick fuck. He liked hurting the privates. IE he liked hurting people. His one trick I remember was to bend people’s fingers back to the point of excruciating pain. He was a sadist. And he got brought down. We were very much taught to overlook excesses in the name of taking one for the team. Hazing was OK, like the guy kicking me. What this guy was doing was beyond hazing. Some officers showed up one day and asked us if any of the accusations against him were true. People spoke up, and he was gone.

Bigotted as I was, it sunk in that somebody’s skin color tells one nothing about how cool they are, or aren’t. And pretty much everything in my life since has reinforced that. People are people, some good, most OK, a few a**holes. And only getting to know them will tell which is which. So I applaud the service and how it can be good for people’s personal growth all else aside. (Aside: My fantasy zombie apocalypse team is diverse as fuck.)

And that’s where my thinking sat for decades. I wasn’t wrong. There’s another layer though. Sargent Allen told us a bit about Vietnam. He’d volunteered with two friends on a buddy program, where they all went through basic training and their first post together. One of them was killed. Allen told us the story, firefight, his friend got carried away, was shouting “I can see them, I can see them!” while standing and shooting. Actually being able to see the enemy is unusual in modern warfare. His last words, since if he could see them, they could see him. Sargent Allen even showed us pics of his friend’s body or body bag.

And this is where it gets ugly. Sargent Allen said that after that, on every patrol, him and his surviving buddy made sure they killed at least one local. That’s called a war crime. It’s called murder. One of the coolest and most honorable dudes I ever met, by his own admission, was a serial killer. And he got away with it because he was fighting in a war. How the hell does one process something like that?

War is bad. That’s all I got. Stay safe everyone.#StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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November 11, 2020 at 9:13 pm


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Yes gentle reader, Trump said that at a recent rally. No one has a clue what he was talking about: California Mask fact Check. And just to be sure, I contacted a few friends in California, I mean, a mask you can eat through, that sounds cool. No dice, they were as puzzled as anyone. Was Trump lying? No, I think confabulation covers it. He just kinda makes it up as he goes along. The whole mask thing is so tragic and ridiculous. So many lives lost because our leaders politicised mask wearing. And by that I mean our GOP leaders. Dr Fauci weighs in on it even: Fauci: Australia Has ‘Done Actually Quite Well’ Containing COVID-19, Unlike The US.

So it’s the last weekend. The beginning of the  end. The world we knew died last December with the arrival of the new kid on the block, Covid-19. A lot of people haven’t figured this out yet. On Tuesday I’m thinking it’s going to be the end of America as we’ve known it. I have no idea what’s going to happen, anymore than anyone guessed what the shelling of Fort Sumter would lead to. I think Tuesday’s election will be the Fort Sumter of my lifetime. I hope I’m wrong.

I’m not the only one worried: ‘It’s pretty scary’: Businesses are boarding up in anticipation of post-election violence. Or this: Walmart pulls guns from display over ‘civil unrest’ concerns. This is a new one, people preparing for an election day as if it was an incoming hurricane. Or this: 5 reasons not to underestimate far-right extremists. Not even sure how far right they are. And lastly this: What happens when a narcissist loses? Expect “rage” and “terror,” psychologists warn. We’ll see.

And to add fuel to the fire, Covid-19 is exploding in the US. Breaking all the records for daily deaths and new cases. Woohoo! Making America great again! At this rate Covid-19 will soon be the third worst mass death event in US history, surpassed only by the 1918 Flu and the Civil War. And Trump and his son are lying about it: The number of COVID-19 deaths “is almost nothing,” Donald Trump Jr. said on a day when about 1,000 people in the US had died. Over 200,000 dead, a thousand people dying a day, no end in sight … and the Trump’s are in denial about it all. I don’t see this ending well.

Am I freaking out? Will the election transpire with no major problems, resulting in a clear winner and a subsequent peaceful transfer of power? Or peaceful reelection I suppose? We’ll know four nights from now I. It’s like an upcoming superbowl … but with guns. America rocks.

Have a safe and sane weekend everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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October 30, 2020 at 7:47 pm


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Well, a few terrible terrorist attacks in France. Macron has deployed troops to defend public sites: Macron deploys 7K soldiers to protect against attacks. Under the circumstances he has to do something, and this seems like a good call to my limited understanding. These attacks are by a small number of disaffected extremists, that ISIS and other actors have figured out how to activate so to speak. (Egged on by Nazi extremists as well.) A job for crack police and intelligence assets to root out. Unfortunately, the root cause of this horror, the endless European wars and propping up of criminal regimes in the Middle East/North Africa, probably won’t get addressed. We’re not really an intelligent species.

America broke its record for daily new Covid-19 cases yesterday. Covid-19 Live Updates: The U.S. Hits the 9-Million Mark as Infections Keep Surging. It’s going into a second wave in Europe as well. The US is still the world’s Covid-19 basket case though, as Trump has stopped even trying to do anything about Covid-19. That’s what the election days from now is about. A guy who literally thinks he’s the greatest POTUS ever, and Covid-19 is no big deal exaggerated by his enemies. Versus a guy who acknowledges Covid-19 is real, and requires a rational science based response. Fantasy vs reality basically.

Will Biden live up to his promise and launch a Federal effort to crush Covid-19? Damned if I know. Democrats have been promising stuff for decades and instead just selling out to corporate America. Still I can’t imagine that corporate America sees any profit in letting Covid-19 kill hundreds of thousands of people.

We’ll see. Or not. My current thinking is that Trump will declare victory on election night, McConnell and the SCOTUS will fall all over themselves backing him, and all hell will break loose. Will the Dem elite just roll over like they did in 2000? Will people take to the streets like during the Occupy protests? Will there be an explosion of civil unrest? Damned if I know, but whatever happens, I’ll be sure to blog about it.

Still seeing people who think things are going to get back to “normal,” that Covid-19 is just a temporary aberration, it will go away, and we can all go back to pretending that everything is under control. I’m sorry to say that when reality changes, it never goes back to the way it was before. Welcome to Earth.

One last link. A nice article in Alternet talking about how America is well on its way to becoming a failed state. Donald Trump and the American descent toward failed-state status. Alternet is a sketchy source, but this jibed with my understanding. America is not a failed state yet, but we had serious problems before Covid-19, and it hasn’t brought out the best in us. The GOP’s winning (short term) strategy of “Anything the libtards suggest is a plot to take away your rights” has rendered large parts of the country essentially ungovernable. Hope I’m wrong.

First full moon Halloween since 1944. Weird synchronicities there. By October 1944, any German (or Japanese) of sound mind knew the war was lost, Hitler was not going to lead them to victory. Not debatable. By the same token, any American of sound mind knows that Trump’s leadership is no better than Hitler’s, and horrible defeat looms. Hope I’m wrong.

Five more days until the solid human waste matter intercepts the rotating turbine blades. (Election 2020.) Thank you Ralph Johnson. Stay safe everyone. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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(Image: The French defeat at Dien Bien Phu. Credit: Public domain. Another instance where fantasy strategy failed.)

Written by unitedcats

October 29, 2020 at 8:39 pm