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Yes, yes it was: Opinion | People Thought Covid-19 Was Relatively Harmless for Younger Adults. They Were Wrong. Of course they were wrong, we’ve known since the beginning that young healthy people were dying of Covid-19, while most of the deaths have been among the elderly, not all. And as I and others keep repeating to the “It’s just the flu” folks, young people, even asymptomatic young people, often have heart damage and other possibly long term or permanent health damage. Watching half the country descend into a fantasy world where Trump won the election and Covid is a hoax, I am pretty much giving up on a lot of Americans.

Apparently the Trump administration did too. ‘We want them infected,’ Trump HHS appointee said in email pushing to expose infants, kids and teens to Covid to reach ‘herd immunity’. I find it hard to put stuff like this into words. They wanted to sacrifice a bunch of lives, like hundreds of thousands, to save the rest. In war this is called, um, surrender? It’s one step up from eugenics, the government is supposed to protect American lives, not throw them away to save money. I guess because Covid-19 didn’t start with a Pearl Harbor attack or 9/11, it doesn’t warrant mobilizing the country to defend? And this had nothing to do with saving the economy:  “Fighting the Pandemic” vs. “Saving the Economy” Is a False Choice. Trump didn’t know what to do, but thought he did, and still does. And the dying continues.

Once you get people to believe in the devil, it’s a short jump to getting them to believe the devil is in other people. Once you think God is on your side, it means God isn’t on the other guy’s side. And there, bad things happen. When asked “Do you pray God is on the Union’s side?” President Lincoln replied, “No, I pray the Union is on God’s side.” I find the latter a much healthier perspective on God. And this is what scares me, a huge number of Trump followers think God is on their side. Or Trump was sent by God.

So Trump ’s a saint or messiah? Jesus. I’ll keep trying to make sense of it all. More than one out of a thousand Americans dead, and we could easily hit one in five hundred. I learned tonight an old friend may be dead, hope not, but not looking good. Death is stalking the land, while half of Americans ignore it and continue to follow their leader, The Donald.

The vaccines are out. As the image above shows, vaccines are part of the solution to Covid, but only part. Half of America at least would reject this image. So What Makes You Think 2021 Will Be Better? I’m not sanguine about the future, but I’ve always been a downer in that regard. This time I was right though, 3000 plus dead a day is a freaking disaster. Stay safe and sane everyone, and we’ll get through this. #StaytheFHome #WearaDamnMask #FelesRegula

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Written by unitedcats

December 16, 2020 at 9:15 pm

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